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The new GIGI Barcelona eyewear collection was born from the vision of Patricia Ramo, nephew of the man who in 1962 founded a manufacturing company of eyewear in the heart of Barcelona.

A young reality but with a solid consolidated history behind it, GIGI Barcelona stands out for its minimalist design with an enterprising character.

The GIGI Barcelona sunglasses are designed for the new generations but with a focus on their future. Only in this way has it been possible to create a modern eyewear but with a timeless character.

Each GIGI Barcelona eyewear reflects the character of the wearer, enhancing its aspects.

From classic to extravagant, it is only up to you to choose which eyewear reflects more ourselves.

Metal and celluloid mix, not to mention the titanium glasses of the GIGI Barcelona LABline.


Buy your new GIGI Barcelona glasses online, express yourself best.



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