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Privacy policy

Dear CUSTOMER, we wish to inform You, that, in agreement with paragraph 10 of Law 196 containing regulations regarding people and other individuals safeguard  with respect to treatment  of personal data, that information provided or otherwise known in the domain of services given by us , will be object of treatment in respect to dispositions above mentioned and to obligation of confidentiality that inspire the activity of CENTRO OTTICO SCAUZILLO . 
with” treatment of personal data” it is intended any operation or complex of operations made with  support of computer/ telematics means, with the aim of collection, recording, organization, storing, elaboration, modification, selection,  extraction, comparison, usage, interrelation, interruption, communication, diffusion, elimination or destruction . The owner of data that you supplied is CENTRO OTTICO SCAUZILLO., in the figure of its Legal representative (Chief Executive) .Treatment responsible are the officers present in the list available in CENTRO OTTICO SCAUZILLO  offices , each for his own field of competence.

If services that you choose are handled by third people, your data will be communicated to single owners.  Those operate as ”Owners” for the treatment connected to supply of services of their competence .
The eventual refusal to communication of  required data of previous  form , prevents the  stipulation and execution of what is  contained in service agreement or of the connected  law fulfillments .The treatment of data will be made throughout instruments and/or modalities to assure privacy , integrity, and availability, with respect of what defined in DPR 28.7.1999, n. 318 - "Identification of minimal safety measures for the treatment of personal data, according to  paragraph. 15, of Law n. 196". 
We besides inform that  you can address to Owner of the treatment to execute the rights of paragraph 13 of Law n. 196,that, for your  ease we integrally report in post note to the  following document.

Par. 13 –Rights of person concerned  1) Related to the treatment of personal data the person concerned has the right to:
a) know, through free access  to register  of which in paragraph 31, clause 1, letter a),the existence of data treatments that can be about him;
b) be informed of what indicated in paragraph 7, clause 4,letters a), b ) e h ); c) to obtain, by the owner or the responsible, without delay: 1. The confirmation of existence or not of personal data that are about him, even if not recorded yet, and the communication in intelligible structure of the same data and their origin, and also of the logic , and of purposes upon which the treatment is based ; the request can be renewed, except for the existence of justified motivations, with a time lapse of no less than 90 days .
2. the cancellation,  transformation  anonymously or the interruption of treatment data in law violation ,included those of which it is not necessary the storing, concerning the aims for which the data have been  collected or consequently treated;

3. The updating,the correction, or, if there is of any interest, the data integration;
4. The statement that declares that the  procedures reported at numbers  2) and 3) have been known by, also concerning their containt , by those who have had the data communication or diffusion  , except the case in which this compliance is impossible or involves a use of means  specifically disproportionate in accordance with the supervised right; 
d) to contest, in part or all, for lawful motivations, to  treatment of personal data that are about him,however relevant to aim of collection.

e) to contest, in part or all, for lawful motivations, to  treatment of personal data that are about him, foreseen with aim of commercial information or of sending of advertising material or material for direct sale or for the accomplishment of market surveys or of interactive  commercial communication and to be informed by the owner , not over the moment in which data are communicated or spread, of the possibility to practice this right freely.

2) For each of the request reported in clause 1, letter c), number 1),can be required to interested person, where it is not resulting confirmed the existence of data regarding him, a contribute for expenses that will not be above the effectively costs supported, according to modalities and within the limits established by rules in paragraph 33, clause 3. 
3) The rights reported in clause 1, referred to personal data concerning dead people can be practiced by whoever has interest .
4) In the practice of right reported in clause 1, the involved person can refer, written, delegating or via power of attorney to individuals or to associations.

5)Laws regarding professional secret of practitioners for journalism are stopped , partially to news source.

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