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KOMONO sunglasses

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Komono sunglasses Renee Prosecco

Komono Sunglasses Renee Prosecco celluloid transparent color prosecco. Komono sunglasses with a unique and personal style suitable for those who want to always feel fashionable. Buy online this sunglasses Komono, shipping is free in Italy.


Komono Sunglasses Aston Black Tortoise

Sunglasses Komono Aston Black Tortoise with simple, clean lines. Komono sunglasses in black celluloid outdoors and havana inside. A complete, full black lenses. Enjoy the style of a classic special glasses and at the same time. Purchase this sunglasses Komono Aston Black Tortoise, complete your style with an accessory suitable for any occasion.


Komono Sunglasses Aston Blue Tortoise

Sunglasses Komono Aston Blue Tortoise from the classical pantos rounded form. Komono sunglasses in black and blue havana celluloid with full black lenses. Contemporary style accessory suitable for those who are looking for a pair of glasses from the simple and elegant lines but with a modern style. Purchase this sunglasses Komono Aston Blue Tortoise, shipping is free in Italy.


Komono Sunglasses Aston Tortoise

Sunglasses Komono Aston Tortoise from the classical round shape. Round Komono sunglasses celluloid havana brown and lenses in brown full. Unisex accessory classic style with ultra contemporary mood. Purchase this sunglasses Komono Aston Tortoise, give yourself a present and fashionable sunglasses.


Sunglasses Komono Clement Black Sand

Sunglasses Komono Clement Black Sand from the classical form panthos. Round sunglasses Komono in black and havana celluloid with light purple lenses. Streetstyle Komono accessory with modern lines and contrasting color combinations right in full vintage style. Buy online this sunglasses Komono Clement Black Sand, complete your style with a fashionable accessory.


Komono Sunglasses Lulu Black Marble

Sunglasses Komono Lulu Black Marble from the classic round shape. Komono sunglasses in celluloid black marble effect with purple gradient lenses. Perfect style accessory for who likes to stand out and lead a fashionable eyewear. Purchase this sunglasses Komono Lulu Black Marble, shipping is free in Italy.


Komono Sunglasses Lulu Rose Dust

Sunglasses Komono Lulu Rose Dust in celluloid rose on a transparent and havana always pink base. A complete, bronze lenses. Komono sunglasses with a contemporary feel for those who complete their style with an accessory that makes the difference. Enhance your outfit with this sunglasses Komono Lulu Rose Dust.


Sunglasses Komono Lulu Rose Gold

Sunglasses Komono Lulu Rose Gold with front celluloid havana brown and pink metal rods. A complete, lenses in brown gradient. Komono Sunglasses by the latest Komono eyewear collection, available on Komono shop: Let yourself be conquered by the female form of this trendy casual accessory.


Komono Sunglasses Renee Black Sand

Sunglasses Komono Renee Black Sand modern and current design. Komono eyewear in celluloid two-tone black and havana on gray base. Rounding lenses in purple full contrast with the frame. Unisex accessory with a casual style for those who like to feel good about himself. Purchase online this sunglasses Komono Renee Black Sand, complete your style with a pair of glasses that makes the difference.


Sunglasses Komono Renee Rose Gold

Metal sunglasses Komono Renee Rose Gold last Komono sunglasses collection. Komono eyewear with front celluloid colored dark brown havana and gold metal rods. A complete, brown lenses with gold mirror. Give yourself an accessory with a unique style, buy this sunglasses Komono Renee.


Komono Sunglasses Star Black Sand

Sunglasses Komono Star Black Sand by the perfect contrasts. Komono sunglasses celluloid two-tone black and havana on gray base with full purple lenses. Let yourself be drawn to this fashionable accessory, perfect for making a difference. Female accessory from new, modern lines of the immediate appeal. Purchase this sunglasses Komono Star Black Sand, give yourself a unique accessory.


Komono sunglasses Star Pale Blush

Sunglasses Komono Star Pale Blush last Komono eyewear collection. Love for beauty and craftsmanship enclosed in an object with a contemporary design. Komono rimmed eyewear with celluloid color bead on a transparent and contrasting pink gradient lenses. Make a difference, buy this sunglasses Komono Star Pale Blush, give yourself a feminine accessory with a unique style.


Komono Sunglasses Star Tortoise Demi

Sunglasses Komono Star Tortoise Demi female-shaped butterfly. Sunglasses with a contemporary and feminine design that enhances the face by completing a fashionable style. Komono sunglasses in celluloid havana brown with bronze lenses. Do not let it slip away, buy now these sunglasses Komono Star Tortoise Demi.


Komono Sunglasses Tailor White Gold

Sunglasses Komono Tailor White Gold from the classic round shape. Komono eyewear metal gold with brown flat lenses full. Unisex accessory from vintage and classic style. Do not let it slip away, buy now this sunglasses Komono Tailor White Gold. The perfect eyewear to enjoy your days in style.


Komono Sunglasses Taylor Matte Black

Sunglasses Komono Taylor Matte Black in total black. Komono sunglasses in black metal with black flat lenses. Unisex accessory created for those who want to stand with accessories from the minimalist style and attention to detail. Treat yourself to this round sunglasses Komono Taylor Matte Black, buy with free shipping in Italy.