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MOSCHINO online store

Moschino online store latest collection eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Short and concise. The Italian fashion house Moschino certainly needs no flattering presentations.

Directed by the American designer Jeremy Scott, the Italian fashion house is becoming, increasingly, a concentrate of creativity and eccentricity push at the highest levels. Each garment and accessory Moschino is thought to make a mark in my mind due to the design outside the box and studied the degree of innovation behind every single product.

Although it shows a thought a bit 'ahead with the times, it is virtually impossible not to be charmed from the accessory par excellence: the Moschino eyewear.

Designed and made in Italy, each pair of glasses Moschino encompasses the brand's borderline philosophy, exalting the highest level.

Design in the extreme forms, combinations of contrasting materials .. let capture and complete your style with a trendy accessory, researched and that makes a difference!



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Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO761 col.S02

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO761 col.S02 from classic vintage shape. Sunglasses with a rounded shape with frame in black and white celluloid contrast. Soft lines that accompany the sensual and feminine soul of this Moschino eyewear. Elegant and understated feminine accessory for the brand's standards. Buy your sunglasses Moschino 761, give yourself an accessory out of the ordinary!

€215.00 €169.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO771 col.S04

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO771 col.S04 in orange celluloid. Glasses oversized shape designed to be noticed. Moschino logo embossed on gold rods and lenses in gray full. Unisex accessory from the soul exuberant and provocative, suitable for those who can not avoid being noticed! Make It Yours, buy your sunglasses Moschino 771.

€313.00 €249.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO805 col.S01

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO805 col.S01 black celluloid. Eyewear by black rectangular logo on gold rods contrast to the frame and lens in gray full. Buy your sunglasses Moschino 805, complete your style with a fashionable accessory.

€245.00 €189.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO806 col.S01

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO806 col.S01 in blue celluloid. Wayfarer sunglasses with a rectangular shape with a gray full-contrast lenses and Moschino logo in gold on the temples. Accessory from the exaggerated character in full Moschino style. Buy your sunglasses Moschino 806, complete your outfit with a unique accessory!

€313.00 €249.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO811 col.S01

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO811 col.S01 in white celluloid with full brown lenses. Female accessory celluloid thick wrap-around shape. Golden logo on the temples with a strong attention to detail minimalist. Buy your sunglasses Moschino 811, shipping is free in Italy.

€230.00 €169.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO811 col.S02

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO811 col.S02 wraparound rectangular shape. Glasses celluloid thick havana brown with brown tint lenses. Eyewear with a retro design with particular attention to detail: gold logo on the temples. Do not let it slip away, buy your sunglasses Moschino 811. Feminine accessory vintage Moschino.

€230.00 €169.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO814 col.S01

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO814 col.S01 from classic vintage shape. Oversized sunglasses total black in black celluloid with lenses in solid black in typical retro style. Female accessory classic from the soul, but the attention to detail. Moschino logo in gold on the temples. Buy your sunglasses Moschino 814, shipping is free in Italy.

€230.00 €169.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO815 col.S01

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO815 col.S01 square-shaped in 3D. Moschino glasses with gray gradient lenses with classic lines. Buy these sunglasses Moschino 815, be inspired by a trendy accessory that complements your style.

€230.00 €169.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO817 col.S01

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO817 col.S01 injected celluloid black. Sunglasses Moschino last fashion show with red lettering on the temples. A complete, lenses in gray gradient. A 'wacky glasses, contemporary and trendy. You can not let you escape, buy your sunglasses Moschino 817.

€230.00 €169.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO817 col.S03

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO817 col.S03 in white celluloid. The cat eye shaped glasses that enhances the typical fun spirit of the Italian brand. Female accessory with MOSCHINO written in red contrast on the temples and lenses silver mirror. Allow yourself, do not miss this sunglasses Moschino 817.

€230.00 €169.00

Teddies sunglasses MOSCHINO MO820 col.S01

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO820 col.S01 with print teddies. Glasses in thick brown celluloid with cartoon printing and lenses in gray full. Sunglasses oversized vintage form, albeit informal, contains the charm of the brand. Buy your sunglasses Moschino MO820, embellish and make it your own outfits.

€313.00 €249.00

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO822 col.S04

Sunglasses MOSCHINO MO822 col.S04 last fashion show Spring / Summer. Exclusive accessory born to exit out of the box. Sunglasses in yellow celluloid with silver inlay on the front. Do not let it slip away, make a difference, buy your sunglasses MOSCHINO 822.

€313.00 €249.00