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Lindberg Eyewear

Lindberg glasses are like no other.

Built without compromises, with a perfect mixture of detail attention, patented technologies and craftsmanship, they conquered many design awards from golden Silmi, to F product Design, from G Mark to Eyewear of the Year , up to Red Dot awards.
What makes Lindberg exclusive and excellence synonym around the world , is about the very high quality materials , selected for the creation of each model: titanium, acetate, gold, platinum, diamonds.

Besides being the lightest  ( less than 2 grams) and the more comfortable glasses in the world, the total absence of screws, rivet and welding, makes LINDBERG glasses extremely resistant and flexible. Nevertheless, following the "Nominee mandate" , allowed only to a selected part of prestigious companies, LINDBERG glasses are the glasses used by Royal Family.

Discover the new SPIRIT TITANIUM                            ACETANIUM collection overview

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n.o.w collection update                                                                  AIR TITANIUM collection

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LINDBERG 6517 col.C08G

LINDBERG eyeglasses, model Lindberg 6517 50 20 col.C08G elegance and originality in vintage style. Blue and transparent acetate oval frame, pure titanium rods in light blue pastel.

€390.00 €295.00

LINDBERG Acetanium 1028 col.AD06

Contemporary and avant-garde style for this LINDBERG Acetanium 1028 col.AD06 eyeglasses. Black acetate front with titanium laminate black rods. An accessory with a unique design and unmatched technical properties. Lightness and strength merge into one pair of glasses.

€380.00 €290.00

LINDBERG Acetanium 1028 col.AD71

Unique design and absolute comfort. LINDBERG Acetanium 1028 col.AD71 eyeglasses with multilayer blue acetate front with beige inside and titanium-laminate temples. Contrast of colors and combinations that makes the glasses a piece of design that enhances your face. Born to those who feel the need to make a difference. Lightness ensured by choosing TOP quality materials.

€360.00 €280.00

LINDBERG Acetanium 1146 col.AE10

Contemporary look and quality of materials. LINDBERG Acetanium 1146 col.AE10 eyeglasses with transparent light blue acetate front and titanium laminate bronze rods. Unmatched lightness and durability despite being full of hype.

€360.00 €280.00

LINDBERG Air Titanium 067 col.U9

LINDBERG Air Titanium 067 eyeglasses, col.U9 made of titanium with silver bridge and temples in black satin. Refinement of detail for anyone who needs to stand out. Synonymous with elegance and originality, LINDBERG realizes the strongest and lightest glasses in the world.

€430.00 €340.00

LINDBERG Air Titanium col.10

Timeless classic LINDBERG Air Titanium col.10 eyeglasses. Made entirely of lightweight titanium, the eyewear has patented hinges and the absence of screws. For those looking for maximum comfort and elegance in its purest form, the Air Titanium LINDBERG is the ultimate expression of lightness.

€360.00 €280.00

LINDBERG Air Titanium col.2GT

Timeless elegance. LINDBERG Air Titanium col.2GT, super light, gold color titanium eyeglasses. Precision technology to ensure strength and lightness to a eyewear without screws and welds.

€430.00 €340.00

LINDBERG Air Titanium col.77

The contrast of colors, silver and purple, makes unique this LINDBERG Air Titanium col.77 eyeglasses. The use of titanium and the manageability of the model make this pair of glasses without comparisons.

€390.00 €310.00

LINDBERG Air Titanium col.9G

Unparalleled lightness. LINDBERG Air Titanium col.9G eyeglasses, an historical LINDBERG model, made of teal color pure titanium. Technology and quality of materials as strengths of the Air Titanium. Eyeglasses suitable for those seeking comfort and safety as well as the beauty of the design.

€390.00 €300.00

LINDBERG Air Titanium col.U12

Timeless classic. LINDBERG Air Titanium col.U12 eyeglasses, with gold bridge and brown rods to create the perfect blend of timeless elegance. The art of shaping the super lightweight titanium makes the Air Titanium resistant even with a minimalist look. Suitable for those who do not want to go unnoticed while wearing a pair of invisible glasses.

€430.00 €340.00

LINDBERG Air Titanium col.U13

The ultimate in simplicity and elegance in an eyeglasses. LINDBERG Air Titanium col.U13 with polished silver bridge and noses and blue satin rods, give discretion to the bearer. With a weight of less than 2 grams, the model LINDBERG Air Titanium eyewear is the world's lightest.

€430.00 €340.00

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim col.U9

Author's design for the historic LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim model col.U9 with silver bridge and black satin temples. Screws and welds free glasses made entirely of titanium. Quality materials and precision ensure a long service life and maximum comfort.

€430.00 €340.00

LINDBERG n.o.w 6501 col.C08G

Contemporary and avant-garde materials. LINDBERG now 6501 col.C08G eyeglasses with hyper thin (only 2 mm) light blue transparent shaded acetate front and titanium silver temples. Processing technology without screws provides a minimal design suitable for any occasion. Only for those seeking the best.

€410.00 €330.00

LINDBERG n.o.w 6504 col.C07G

Minimal look for this LINDBERG now 6504 col.C07G eyeglasses with super thin (2mm) grey acetate fronte with transparent shade. The hyperlight titanium rods with screwless hinges, give lightness and strength to the frame. The pleasure of wearing design eyewear.

€430.00 €340.00

LINDBERG n.o.w 6505 col.C02

Developed to meet the highest standards, this LINDBERG 6505 col.C02 eyeglasses is only 2 mm thick and provides unmatched comfort. Brown acetate and hyperlight titanium rod give absolute elegance to this LINDBERG. Maximum strength through working with nanotechnology.

€410.00 €335.00

LINDBERG n.o.w 6505 col.C06

Minimal look while having a rectangular black acetate front. LINDBERG presents his n.o.w. collection for those who have the need to combine elegance and practicality. The LINDBERG n.o.w. 6505 col.C06 eyeglasses, adopts a screwless hinge with ultra-light titanium silver rods.

€390.00 €310.00

LINDBERG n.o.w 6505 col.C08

LINDBERG n.o.w 6505 col.C08 eyeglasses. Model with acetate blue front and hyper light titanium silver rods. Refined design and light weight make this model unique. Known for its authority, LINDBERG always offers innovative glasses by focusing on quality and innovation.

€370.00 €295.00

LINDBERG n.o.w 6517 col.02

Contemporary design for a timeless look. LINDBERG now 6517 col.02 eyeglasses with ultra thin (2 mm) brown acetate front and gold color titanium rods. The absence of screws and welds confers flexibility and resistance to an eyewear unique in its kind. Lightness guaranteed by the use of high quality materials. The precision machining give the LINDBERG n.o.w 6517 unique fluidity.

€410.00 €325.00

LINDBERG n.o.w 6517 col.C06G

Finishing top of the range for this LINDBERG n.o.w 6517 col.C06G eyeglasses. Hyper thin (2 mm) black acetate front with transparent shade. The ultra light, satin silver titanium rods, give the glasses the right tone and make it unique aesthetic.

€390.00 €310.00

LINDBERG n.o.w 6519 col.C08G

Unique eyeglasses. LINDBERG n.o.w. 6519 col.C08G is a blue, with transparent shade, acetate eyeglasses with super lightweight titanium rods, and screwless hinges. Strong and light merged into one pair of glasses. Demonstration of quality and design for LINDBERG confirming be the producer of the best spectacles in the world.

€370.00 €295.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 503 col.K24

Flexibility and strength. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 503 col.K24 eyeglasses has silver titanium foil bridge and inserts on black acetate temples. Maximum elegance and comfort ensured by the lightness of the materials.

€430.00 €340.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium Argento

Nessun ostacolo al tuo viso. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium monta ponte e aste in puro titanio ultraleggero color argento. Look minimalista e comfort assoluto. Gli occhiali da vista LINDBERG oltre ad aver vinto molteplici premi per il loro design, hanno un peso inferiore ai 2 grammi.

€350.00 €270.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.10

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.10 eyeglasses. Silver color and rolled lightweight and durable titanium finishes, maximum safety and comfort. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium rimless eyewear, without screws and welding that ensures durability and strength over the years. Only the best in quality and processing technologies for LINDBERG.

€350.00 €270.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.80

The vision of lightness. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.80 eyeglasses combines design and lightness. Silver bridge and noses contrasting with blue rods all made of titanium. The pleasure not to feel them. Now more than ever you bring a pair of glasses without warning. LINDBERG glasses Spirit Titanium weighs less than 2 grams.

€380.00 €300.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.95

Quality materials and fine workmanship. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.95 eyeglasses with silver bridge and rolled titanium green rods. Entrusted to better, strength and lightness into one pair of glasses. Unique color scheme that makes the LINDBERG Spirit Titanium model a design accessory that enhances the personality.

€380.00 €300.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.P10

No obstacle to your face. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium eyeglasses, col.P10, with ultralight titanium silver bridge and rods. Minimal look and absolute comfort comfort. LINDBERG eyeglasses, in addition to winning many awards for their design, have a weight of less than 2 grams.

€350.00 €270.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.P77

Rely on comfort. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.P77 eyeglasses with silver bridge and purple rods all made of titanium foil. Lightness and strength ensured thanks to the technologies of processing and the quality of materials used.

€420.00 €330.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.P80

The crown jewel of the LINDBERG collection, Spirit Titanium col. P80 with gold nose bridge and blue stem with purple reflection, made of rolled titanium. Discover the lightness and the absolute comfort of LINDBERG Spirit Titanium. Elegance guaranteed by design and by a combination of colors.

€420.00 €335.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.P90

Rimless titanium foil eyeglasses with silver bridge and teal-colored rods. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.P90 weighs less than 2 g is designed for those who need comfort and lightness.

€420.00 €340.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.PGT

Height of elegance for this LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.PGT eyeglasses, made of rolled gold titanium. Aesthetic purity and lightness no terms of comparison. The maniacal processing guarantees an high level of resistance that makes the glasses lasting in time.

€420.00 €330.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.U37

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.U37 rimless glasses. LINDBERG made his art to shape the titanium frames, creating a unique lightness and strength. This combination of technology is equipped with silver polished bridge and pastel blue satin rods.

€420.00 €345.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.U39

Lightness and design for this LINDBERG Spirit Titanium col.U39 eyeglasses. Rolled red titanium rods with silver front give originality to the model, combined with a minimalist look. The absence of screws and welding provides strength and comfort unmatched. Eyeglasses suitable for people who seek only the best, the quality of materials to manufacture the same.

€420.00 €330.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium GT

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium GT titanium eyeglasses. Lightness and contemporary lend elegance and practicality. The decorations of this LINDBERG help to make this eyewear unique and suitable for those little satisfied. Silver bridge and temples.

€420.00 €340.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium T61 col.P10

Unmistakable design and unparalleled lightness. LINDBERG Spirit Titanium T61 col.P10 rolled titanium silver eyeglasses. Discover the unique comfort and the advantage of wearing a pair of glasses without welds and screws.

€420.00 €330.00

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium Temple 600 col.U33

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium Temple 600 col.U33 eyeglasses, top of the range thanks to finishes and the use of titanium. Silver bridge and noses with contrasting rolled titanium red temples. Simple lines that give elegance to the glasses. LINDBERG is known for the production of comfortable and elegant glasses, as this.

€420.00 €330.00

LINDBERG Strip Titanium 7395 col.10

Minimalist effect for LINDBERG Strip Titanium that combines comfort and design. LINDBERG 7395 Strip Titanium col.10 eyeglasses, shows its technicality with a rectangular front straight and stretching on the rods to form a single frame, all in super lightweight titanium foil. The absence of screws gives more tone to a piece considered unique. The quintessence of the frames for the modern man in search of innovation and style in a single pair of eyeglasses.

€470.00 €390.00