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The eyeglasses and sunglasses of Saturnino Celani, faithful bassist of the great Jovanotti, born from fate and give way to a success that nobody expected.

It is said that at the dawn of his career, Jovanotti was forming his band by testing various components between one stage and another. When it was time for Saturnino, it was recommended to Jova to discard it because at the time 'did not pierce the screen'.

But Jovanotti could not give up the perfect note of that bass and, on two feet, he invented a little trick. The idea was to adorn a bare head with an eyeglasses pushed and full of inspiration. Et voilà, Saturnino has never been separated from his glasses ever since, so much so that some of his personal success has converged on the accessory par excellence.

Over time the idea has consolidated and a line of glasses with a strong character has emerged that, year after year, produces sophisticated accessories with timeless lines.

Each Saturnino eyewear is the result of a research of the best Made in Italy materials but above all in the search for maximum comfort.

Although accessories of eccentric dimensions and strong impact, wearing a pair of glasses Saturnino eyewear is comfortable and not binding.

Seeing is believing!

The Saturnino eyewear collection is available exclusively at Ottica Scauzillo in Piazza Plebiscito, Ariano Irpino.






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