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Eyeglasses Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is what happens when a group of young people meet with passion for design and a desire of creating a collection of glasses that reflects their spirit for ongoing fashion, a personal style and, above all, an individual expression.

they find their vision in 'Etnia',a brand that represent international, daring, and imaginative style characters.

Wearing a pair of glasses Etnia we found soon the main sensations upon which is based the brand: comfort and the design pleasantness.this is the final result of a process that sees in activity, beyond maximum quality of raw materials , the application of the most innovative technologies present on the market that make the glasses comfortable and with pleasant and ergonomic look.

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Etnia Barcelona eyewear ARNHEM col.HVRD

Etnia Barcelona Arnhem col.HVRD white havana acetate eyeglasses. The top and the stem sleeves are red for a fun look.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear ARNHEM col.LEPK

Etnia Barcelona Arnhem col.LEPK havana acetate eyeglasses with the top and the stem sleeves in pink color.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear ATLANTA col.LEGR

Etnia Barcelona ATLANTA col.LEGR eyeglasses, characterized by the large square shaped havana acetate frame, with dark green top.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona AUSTIN col.BKBL

Attenzone al dettaglio. L'occhiale da vista Etnia Barcelona Austin ha una montatura in celluloide multistrato trasparente con una trama interna a punti neri e dettagli di colore blu sulla parte superiore e sulle punte delle aste. Acquistalo ora sul nostro store, affidati al meglio.

€156.00 €133.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear AUSTIN col.HVAR

Comfort and unique design. Etnia Barcelona Austin col.HVAR rectangular havana acetate eyeglasses with dark green details on top and on the tips of the rods. Be inspired, buy it now.

€156.00 €133.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear BONN col.BKSD

Etnia Barcelona BONN col.BKSD eyeglasses with black acetate front combined with yellow rods with gray streaks.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear CINCINNATI col.BKLE

Vintage style acetate frame. Etnia Barcelona CINCINNATI col.BKLE eyeglasses with two-tone matte black wood-effect front with havana bottom, and wood-effect rods with metal details.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear CINCINNATI col.BRGY

Vintage style acetate frame. Etnia Barcelona CINCINNATI col.BRGY eyeglasses with two-tone wood-effect matte brown front with transparent grey bottom, and wood-effect rods with metal details.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear CINCINNATI col.LEGR

Vintage style acetate frame. Etnia Barcelona CINCINNATI col.LEGR eyeglasses with two-tone havana red front with green bottom, and metal details on the rods.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear DENVER col.BKSK

Etnia Barcelona DENVER col.BKSK black acetate eyeglasses with a satin finish, enriched by the top edge of the front and the auction in blue.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear DENVER col.BKSL

Etnia Barcelona DENVER col.BKSL acetate eyeglasses with black dots texture on a transparent base, enriched by the beige striped top edge.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear DENVER col.BRRD

Etnia Barcelona DENVER col.BRRD brown acetate eyeglasses characterized from the red top.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona DERBY col.HV

Vintage havana e forme contemporanee. Etnia Barcelona Derby presenta una montatura rettangolare in celluloide havana con gli angoli del frontale smussati. Semplicità ed eleganza in un unico occhiale da vista Etnia Barcelona. Prova la nostra consegna gratuita in 24/48h.

€156.00 €133.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear DOVER 15 col.BKWH

Etnia Barcelona DOVER 15 col.BKWH streaked black acetate eyeglasses with white inside.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear DOVER 15 col.BRGY

Etnia Barcelona DOVER 15 col.BRGY eyeglasses. The acetate front with metal rivets, is divided in the horizontal direction with brown wood-effect top, and transparent grey bottom.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear DOVER col.HVBK

Etnia Barcelona DOVER col.HVBK eyeglasses. The acetate front with metal rivets, is divided in the horizontal direction with the top and the rods havana, and the transparent lower part with blacks dots texture.

€155.00 €139.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear DRAMMEN col.BKBL

This Etnia Barcelona Drammen col.BKBL eyeglasses, is part of the new Nanoflex collection characterized for lightness and comfort. The wide rectangular frame is made of black steel foil and has a blue piping on the outer profile.

€178.00 €151.00

Etnia Barcelona eyewear ESSEN col.BLFU

Reduced thickness and lightness make Etnia Barcelona Essen col.BLFU a very comfortable eyewear. The metal frame is blue and the temples have fuchsia details and white rubber ends. Suitable for those who don't love taking seriously paying attention to detail and quality manufacturing.

€180.00 €156.00
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