Celebrity style: face based glasses

Celebrity style: face based glasses

Looking for a new pair of glasses? Before being overwhelmed by the myriad of options, consider an important element: the shape of the face.

"Finding the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape is all about the balance of proportions," says Tim Chan, co-founder of the blog, The Spectacled.

Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses is not reduced to a simple choice of style. In fact, a bad frame may affect the efficacy of your prescription. It 'important to consider facial lines to allow to wear the glasses comfortably and correctly to prevent uncomfortable with slippage or with the breadth of the visual field.

Each eyewear lens is equipped with a point, called optical center, which requires an alignment with the pupil center to facilitate a precise adaptation and consequently an optimal view. If glasses fall constantly, not only should we put up with this nuisance, but it might affect vision as the alignment with the pupil center fails. And this becomes an even more important factor in increasing the visual defect. Certain provisions require pinpoint accuracy in choosing the right form of the glasses and their centering.

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If you have a round face, you obviously have not pronounced corners but your face has almost the same height and length. 

How to direct its decisions for the right pair of glasses? The advice is to prefer a generally square or rectangular frames in order to create a contrast between the face and the frame. Tired of the usual pair of glasses? Try a frame with a 'cat' form. Projecting upward shape of the eye helps to create a more angular face.


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Oval face?

Typically, your face should be longer than it is wide, and the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are almost equal.

Lucky! Women with an oval face can direct their choice from a wide variety of forms, besides the choice of the frame according to the fashion of the moment, even the look changes will be less dramatic. The oval face is the most versatile of forms. Our advice: you bold, choose a frame from large, bold color, to the imagination! Or do like Kim Kardashian and choose eyewear men's cut, it can sometimes help to bring out the forms!


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A heart-shaped face? Had you ever heard?

And yet it exists and, as taught Reese Witherspoon there, it's up to choose a frame that follows the lines of the face, maybe wider at the top. The secret lies in attracting the attention instead on the chin intsead of eyewear, choosing a wide frame with a major celluloid, perhaps colored.


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If you have a square face ..

It means that all the measures of your face are more or less the same, the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw.

Then? It is forbidden to choose a square frame that follows the shape of your face but it is right to focus on the contrast of forms. A round or oval glasses helps to balance the sharpness of a face from the lines albeit soft but equal. At most, it can also go a tip that rises or a butterfly frame .. not take much to stand out prejudice in harmony. Do as the model Emily Ratajkowski, choose a trendy pair of glasses from the round shape.


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Ready for your next purchase?

One last thing, remember that today more than ever we are no longer forced to wear only one pair of glasses every day. The choice of glasses, also at affordable prices, has increased dramatically. Now you can safely choose two or three different view styles of glasses and then match them according to mood, state of mind, to make up, at an event in particular .. to your demands.

Let's keep in mind that these simple rules in choosing the perfect eyewear, are simple tips, not rules dictated by fashion. In the end, what you feel better is the best!



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