Since always recognized for their sober, clear, sophisticated, WEB glasses represent a timeless style icon.

Designed for severe eviation requirements of almost a century ago, WEB Eyewear has been redesigned to reflect technologic evolution and modern, contemporary lifestyle,but it keeps its original craftsmanship anyway.

Evolution of America of the 30s, nowadays WEB emobodies an iconic and cherished syle, but keeping a vintage vocation flanked by texture, colors and materials with contemporary style.

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Sunglasses WEB 110 col.01B

$180.00 $149.00
Sunglasses WEB 110 col.01B silver metal with celluloid inserts on the front. Glasses from the classic round shape. A complete, lenses in gray gradient. Sunglasses WEB in vintage style.

Sunglasses WEB 110 col.01C

$180.00 $149.00
Sunglasses WEB col.01C 110 round-shaped in perfect retro style. Glasses in silver metal with glossy black celluloid on the front. Lenses in gray mirror. Glasses from the sun but from the soul contemporary vintage.

Sunglasses WEB 110 col.42B

$180.00 $149.00
Sunglasses WEB 110 col.42B metal with celluloid on the front in yellow honey. Glasses from the classic round shape. Gradient lenses in gray. Eyewear with a strong personality and unique style.

Sunglasses WEB 110 col.01V

$150.00 $125.00
Sunglasses WEB 123 col.01V glossy black celluloid and blue lenses full. Glasses with double bridge and shape stylized vintage. Buy this pair of glasses WEB 123, shipping is free in Italy.

Sunglasses WEB 123 col.52X

$150.00 $125.00
Sunglasses WEB 123 col.52X from vintage form with a modern twist. Glasses celluloid dark havana with contrasting blue mirrored lenses. Sunglasses WEB 123 from casual and informal style.

Sunglasses WEB 123 col.87A

$150.00 $125.00
Sunglasses WEB 123 col.87A with double bridge from vintage form. Glasses celluloid transparent turquoise and black temples. A complete, lenses in gray full. Sunglasses WEB discounted price.

Sunglasses WEB 124 col.52L

$155.00 $129.00
Sunglasses WEB 124 col.52L matt black celluloid with contrasting lenses in gold mirror. Sunglasses from the new collection by WEB vintage style. A complete double-black metal bridge.

Sunglasses WEB 127 col.02W

$170.00 $149.00
Sunglasses WEB 127 col.02W matt black celluloid with blue gradient lenses. Accessory with double silver metal bridge. Glasses in vintage style with a modern character.

Sunglasses WEB 127 col.52N

$170.00 $149.00
Sunglasses WEB 127 col.52N the classical form in retro style. Glasses celluloid dark havana with full green lenses. A complete, double metal bridge. Give yourself a formal and trendy sunglasses.

Sunglasses WEB 137 col.32 C

$170.00 $149.00
Sunglasses WEB 137 col.32 C matt black metal with mirrored lenses in gray. Glasses ultralight round-shaped. A complete, double bridge in vintage style. Purchase this sunglasses WEB 137 at a discount.

Sunglasses WEB 137 col.85 X

$155.00 $129.00
Sunglasses WEB 137 col.85 X from classic round shape with double bridge. Glasses in matt metallic light blue with blue mirrored lenses. Treat yourself to this lightweight and stylish glasses.

Sunglasses WEB 137 col.91X

$155.00 $129.00
Sunglasses WEB 137 col.91X matt blue metal with blue mirrored lenses. Eyewear from sun light with double bridge from the informal spirit. Treat yourself to this pair of glasses, the shipping is free.

Sunglasses WEB 143 col.67U

$155.00 $129.00
Sunglasses WEB 143 col.67U thin metal and matte red celluloid. A complete, mirrored lenses in burgundy. Round glasses with a metal double bridge.

Sunglasses WEB 143 col.91X

$165.00 $139.00
Sunglasses WEB 143 col.91X from classical round shape vintage inspired. Eyewear thin metal with opaque blue celluloid on the front. A complete, in blue mirrored lenses.

Sunglasses WEB 155 col.02V

$175.00 $149.00
Sunglasses WEB 155 col.02V matt black celluloid with full blue lenses. Sunglasses from the vintage line with double metal bridge. Buy these glasses WEB 155, takes advantage of Free Shipping within Italy.

Sunglasses WEB 155 col.52N

$175.00 $149.00
Sunglasses WEB 155 col.52N the classical form in retro style. Glasses celluloid color dark havana with contrasting green lenses. Give yourself a style tone signed eyewear WEB.

Web sunglasses APRON WE 0108/S col.09N

$210.00 $179.00
These Web Apron WE 0108/S col.09N sunglasses, is a modern interpretation of the classic teardrop shape. Double bridge metal anthracite frame with green lenses.

Web sunglasses CALAYAN WE 0114/S col.02N

$190.00 $165.00
Web Calayan WE 0114/S col.02N sunglasses. Style and elegance in an unique sunglasses with matte black acetate frame, characterised by the details as "W" logo and decorative metal studs on the front. Temples with metal insert and green lenses.

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