Dunhill sunglasses

Dunhill eyewear is born from a close collaboration between the London brand and the italian eyewear producer De Rigo.

Discover the new collection of sunglasses Dunhill, vintage shapes with modern style.

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Dunhill SDH002 col. 0R26

$320.00 $269.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH002 col. 0R26 in rose gold. Dunhill sunglasses from soft drop shaped with front in rose gold metal and celluloid staffs havana. Sunglasses with lenses in brown gradient with interior anti-reflection for a vision without limits. Give yourself a sleek and stylish accessory, purchase this Dunhill sunglasses 002.

Dunhill SDH007 col. 0579

$270.00 $229.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH007 col. 0579 by the classic teardrop shape. Sunglasses Dunhill silver metal with gray gradient lenses with anti-reflective interior. The double bridge on the front characterizes this sunglass a modern design, but from the soul classic and timeless. Purchase this Dunhill sunglasses 007, shipping is free in Italy.

Dunhill SDH008 col. 0A39

$279.00 $229.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH008 col. 0A39 in gold rectangular metal. Glasses in gold with double bridge and brown gradient lenses with anti-reflective interior. Give yourself a unique accessory from the detail painstakingly detailed. Purchase this sunglasses Dunhill 008, complete and enrich your style.

Sunglasses Dunhill SDH017 col. 0579

$370.00 $329.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH017 col. 0579 ultralight titanium. Dunhill sunglasses from the classic shape silver drop with anti-reflective lenses in gray gradient. Unisex accessory aviator style reinterpreted in a modern key. Treat yourself to this stylish and lightweight accessory, purchase this sunglasses Dunhill 017.

Sunglasses Dunhill SDH006 col. 0M77

$270.00 $229.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH006 col. 0M77 from classical panthos form. Glasses opal gray celluloid with shaded gray lenses with anti-reflective interior. To give a modern twist with the contrast of materials, rods always gray metal. Complete your style with this accessory that stands out due to its simplicity and elegance.

Dunhill SDH010 col. 0748

$230.00 $189.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH010 col. 0748 celluloid havana brown with blue full-lens. Dunhill glasses oversized rectangular fully classical style from vintage vocation. Buy now this sunglasses Dunhill 010, complete your outfit with a stylish accessory!

Dunhill SDH013 col. 700P

$350.00 $289.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH013 col. 700P from the classic Clubmaster form. Glasses glossy black celluloid with double bridge and inserts in silver metal on the front and black polarized lenses with anti-reflective interior. Sunglasses Dunhill by vintage character in perfect classical style. The perfect accessory that complements your style. Purchase this Dunhill sunglasses 013, shipping is free in Italy.

Dunhill SDH014 col. 0V14

$270.00 $229.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH014 col. 0V14 from perfect rectangular shape. Dunhill sunglasses in celluloid blue with shaded gray lenses. Buy these sunglasses Dunhill 014, shipping is free in Italy. Male classic accessory for those who are looking for a pair of timeless style sunglasses.

Dunhill SDH016 col. 722P

$320.00 $269.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH016 col. 722P from classical oversized shape. Dunhill glasses celluloid havana with brown polarized lenses. See the world through different eyes, buy this sunglasses Dunhill 016. Sunglasses vintage classic style, perfect for those looking for the right accessory that enhances the style.

Sunglasses Dunhill SDH018 col. 700P

$420.00 $359.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH018 col. 700P rectangular shape. Dunhill glasses with front in black celluloid and silver titanium rods. Simple, lightweight glasses with anti-reflective monochrome polarized lenses in black for a perfect look all black. Purchase this Dunhill eyewear 018, give yourself a minimal accessory that complements your style.

Sunglasses Dunhill SDH019 col. 0AGD

$370.00 $319.00
Sunglasses Dunhill SDH019 col. 0AGD from classical panthos form. Dunhill eyewear compare them celluloid rods and beige contrasting titanium silver. Eyewear light and comfortable unisex classic style and fashion. Complete your style, give yourself this sunglasses Dunhill 019.

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